It’s time to STOP struggling to DIY your website alone,

and eliminate the feelings of intimidation, frustration and overwhelm with technology.

And you DON’T need to pay thousands to hire a web designer

in order to have a professional, quality and attractive site that effectively represents

you, your brand and your message.

With this DIY e-course you can get started making money and making a difference

with your business website in just 8 weeks by learning:


(1) basic technical and design concepts


(2) simple online business strategies

And I’ll show you how…

You identify with one of the following…
  • You’re a seasoned pro in your field, but new to creating your business website
  • You have a free or “all-in-one” blog/website for your business and you’re ready to go pro without breaking the bank
  • You’re a beginner in your field and ready to get started with your business website
  • You’ve been DIYing your business website alone and struggling to get things to look as professional and attractive as you want them.
  • Get your business website setup (and have it look professional and attractive) so you can start attracting and working with your dream clients & customers.
  • Create an attractive and compelling landing page so you can build your list.
  • Start a blog so you can engage your audience with your expertise and inspiration.
  • Create and sell digital products, programs & services from your website (i.e. ebooks, ecourses, worksheets, audios, videos, 1-on-1 services, etc.)
  • Use an email marketing program to send newsletters to your audience.
  • Setup automated systems so you can easily sign up new clients & customers from your site.

No design or tech degree required!!

This e-course makes it EASY and AFFORDABLE to create and design your site like a pro.

Support & Guidance

Get the answers to your questions and constructive feedback to help you learn how to create and design a beautiful website.

Non-Techie Approved

Lessons are designed for website beginners and intermediates so you’ll get the training you need no matter what learning level you’re on.

Step-By-Step Info

You’ll be walked through each step of the process with detailed explanations in the form of video tutorials and written instructions.

Save Time

No more wasting time trying to figure things out on your own. Get the instructions you need to make immediate progress.

Save Money

After taking this course, you will save thousands of dollars on tech and design services this year alone.

Be in Control

Knowing the ins and outs of your own website puts you in control of your business website success.

Created specifically for Passionpreneurs, who are defined by…

You want to do your part to make the world a better place, and express your passions in the form of your business so that you feel lit up, inspired and fulfilled everyday by the work you do in the world.
You crave a business that allows you to be yourself, use your gifts, do what you love, and make a difference in the lives of the people, issues, concepts, and circumstances you feel strongly about.
You want to benefit from the freedom that having your business online brings, so you can reach people locally or globally, as well as benefit from being able to leverage and scale your business.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Module 1:

Setup Your Biz Website

Lay the ground work for your website with affordable domains & hosting, as well as installing the best option to build a professional site that you fully own.
  • Domain & Hosting Essentials – Including domain & hosting basics, how to choose a domain name, the importance of owning your site, and recommended affordable options
  • How to Connect Your Hosting to Your Domain
  • Installing WordPress + An Intro to WordPress
  • Tips & Tricks for Your New WordPress Website – Including configuring your plugins, users, general settings, importing/transferring your content from your old site, and comments

Module 2:

Basic Principles for Effective & Attractive Design

Learn the concepts you need to express your unique brand look, feel and message, while creating a great first (and lasting) impression for your dream clients & customers.
  • Case Studies of Effective & Attractive Design – Screencast video showing a breakdown of the design & layout principles, visual branding, and effective marketing strategies of several successful business websites.
  • Website Personality Questionnaire – Designed to help you determine the unique personality of your biz website – including your brand colors & fonts, your website’s purpose & function and the overall look & feel of your site.
  • Effective Design, Layout & Site Usage – Including how to engage with your audience to get them to take the actions you want them to take. Additionally, how to create a great user experience for your visitors, so they are impressed with you (not just your design), clearly understand you, and have an overall great experience when engaging with you.

Module 3:

Customize & Maintain Your Biz Website

Learn to customize your site using the drag and drop, super flexible Divi theme that makes web design EASY so that you can display your authentic personality and brand, and add any function or feature you’d like. Also learn how to maintain your site to keep it running smoothly.

  • Intro to Elegant Themes & Divi
  • Tips & Tricks for Website Customization – Including getting started with Divi, an example of how to get started customizing your site (video tutorial), page layout suggestions, menus, fonts & colors, graphics, sidebar & footer suggestions, blog extras, footer customization, and additional DIY support resources
  • Business Website Essential Plugins 
  • Website Security & Backups – Including a FREE plug-in that allows you to “set it and forget it” to make backups EASY!

Module 4:

Set Up Your Online Business Resources

Learn to setup and use the resources you need to run your online business.
  • Setup Your Domain Email & Connect It to Gmail
  • Build Your List with Aweber – Ebook Tutorial with screenshots teaching you how to create your lists, signup forms, follow up messages, and broadcasts/newsletters, with strategies for customized design and effectiveness weaved in, as well as bonus training on how to create a high valuable opt-in offer
  • How to Create an Effective and Attractive Landing Page – Learn how to do this WITHOUT using Leadpages or other expensive landing page resources
  • Get Paid with Paypal – Ebook Tutorial with screenshots to teach you how to set up your FREE Business PayPal account, get paid easily with “Buy Now” buttons, use customized “Buy Now” buttons on your site, create recurring payment subscriptions, invoices, etc.
  • Additional Online Business Resources – Including online business essentials and organization/systems essentials

Module 5:

Create Digital Content/Online Offers

Learn the technical how-to’s and necessary resources to create digital products, programs, etc. for your clients and customers.
  • Create Private Content for Freebies/Thank You Pages 
  • Create a Buy Now/Registration Page
  • Create Ebooks – Learn how to do this WITHOUT expensive software
  • Create PDFs/Printable & Fillable Worksheets
  • Create Audio Recordings
  • Create Videos & Screencast Tutorials
  • Host a Teleseminar or Group Call
  • Host a Webinar or Interview – Learn how to do this WITHOUT investing in expensive webinar resources
  • Host a Live (In Person) Event
  • Host an Online Group
  • Upload Your Content to Your Website
  • Create Private Paid Content & Online Courses – Learn how to do this WITHOUT investing in expensive membership site plugins and themes

Module 6:

Client Intake & Purchase Delivery Systems

Create automated systems in your business so it runs like a well oiled machine, giving you freedom, efficiency and happy customers.
  • Client Intake & Purchase Delivery Questionnaire – Designed to help you get clear on your entire client intake and purchase delivery process so that you can easily create a system to automate and streamline things.
  • Prospective Client Interest Systems – Including systems for having a prospective client send you a message, schedule an appointment, fill out an application, or signup for an interest list.
  • Client/Customer Signup Systems – Including systems for having a new client sign a contract, pay you over the phone, in person payments, etc.
  • Purchase Delivery Systems – Including how to setup after purchase automation using your “Buy Now” button, and several ways to create powerful systems with it.
  • Working Relationship Systems – Including general rules & guidelines, file sharing & project management systems, and ongoing communication tools and systems.
  • Goodbye Package Systems – Including systems for followups/feedback/testimonials, personalized “thank you’s” & messages, and ongoing communication


Learn the basics of online marketing so you can get your business website out there and reach the people who need and want what you have.
  • Online Marketing 101 – Including social media strategies, how to gain exposure and expand your reach, and launch sequences and strategies
  • Passionpreneur Directory – Show off your website, get exposure, and maybe even land new clients & customers by adding your new DIY website to my Passionpreneur Directory.

“I’m really glad I signed up for Alexis’ program.

I was at a point in my business where I really needed to get things going – get my website up, create and test content and market to my target audience.  Alexis was there to walk me through all the steps saving me a lot of hours trying to figure this out for myself.

With her help, encouragement and technical expertise I created and designed my website and got it up and running in 2 weeks just in time to start my popup facebook group. 

The FB group and training material have all helped me greatly in getting my business off the ground.  Thank you Alexis!”

Mary Toolan
Success Coach to Brilliant Creative Minds

Online Training Area with Downloadable PDFs and Evergreen Video Tutorials

  • Containing step-by-step instructions on everything you need to create, design and maintain your business website, as well as use it to do business online. (This training material was created as a one stop shop solution for your business website needs.)
  • You’ll receive access to the entire course immediately after purchase, so you can get straight to the training you need based on where you are in the learning process.

8+ Weeks of Guidance via Email

  • Although this is a self-study program, it won’t feel like it. You’ll be guided each step of the way with 8 weeks of emails from me (plus a few extra, because I just can’t help but give you as much support as possible). You’ll receive each module emailed out to you along with 2 implementation weeks included (meaning you’ll get breaks in between some of the modules so you can have plenty of time to implement).
  • These emails are designed to give you the structure, accountability, motivation and encouragement necessary to help ensure your success as you work through the training material. This is a results-driven program, with several strategies in place to help you reach your website goals.

Recorded Q&A Webinars

  • In addition to the core training material, you’ll have access to 3 recorded Q&A webinars from my previous live group program.
  • This includes bonus training to help you with everything from creating your own graphics to putting a customized opt-in form on your site. You’ll find a lot of additional step-by-step help here.

Facebook Support Group

  • Where you’ll receive ongoing support from me so you can ask any questions you have as they come up, and get the feedback you need to make sure you shine. Again, although this is a self-study program, you most certainly will not be alone in the process.
  • You’ll also get the opportunity to connect with other Passionpreneurs in the group, so you can learn from each other, network, make new friends, and make connections with like-minded people so you no longer have to DIY alone.

Working with Alexis has been one of the best decisions I could have made for my business. I am not a techy person at all and she taught me the skills needed to create my very own website.

She is very patient, a great teacher, and always willing to answer questions. I would easily recommend her to anyone wanting to learn how to build their own website. 

Tandee Salter
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

  • Have the confidence to create and design your own business website and be proud to show it off to prospective clients & customers, colleagues, family and friends.
  • Enjoy a 24/7 digital salesman and online business storefront that continuously works for you around the clock.
  • Build the “Know, Like & Trust” factor that turns visitors into your dream clients & customers.
  • Make money while you sleep from the awesome digital content you create and the automated systems you have setup.
  • Reach people all over the world with your message and offerings.
Your site will automatically be mobile responsive!

“Before I started working with Alexis I was lost in a sea of WordPress technical questions and felt rather stuck on how to move forward. Working with Alexis has helped in so many ways it’s hard to narrow it down. Mainly I now have a great website that I’m quite pleased with!

I had fun with the creative part of it too. She efficiently and clearly walks you through the basics all the way to giving you information that gives you that polished edge, and how to market your business.

Alexis and her great comprehensive program answered all of my questions about the challenging technical aspects of building my website that I encountered along the way. She gives easy to follow instructions that lead step by step toward a professional looking and effective website.

The greatest part is I can go back and reference the material again and again as I update and revise my website. I’m thrilled with having all of this knowledge. It is a dream come true to understand how to build my own website, and understand the technical jargon that I’ve always been curious about. Plus there’s the benefit of confidence gained along the way.

I highly recommend signing on with Alexis, she’s the real deal, a fantastic tech coach!”

Patricia Miller
Personal Development & Transformation Coach

This is for you if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur, business owner, coach, consultant, strategist, expert, trainer, freelancer, healer, or spiritual guide.
  • You’re new to creating your own website, working with WordPress, or you consider yourself “non-techie”, and you need the basics to shorten your learning curve in a way that still allows you to present yourself professionally and be proud of your site.
  • You consider yourelf intermediate when it comes to technology and websites, but you’re not happy with the results you’ve created on your own and you’re looking for guidance to upgrade your online presence affordably.
  • You are tired of relying on others to make changes to your website.
  • You’ve spent thousands on tech or design services out of fear of DIY, and now you’re ready to take things into your own hands.
  • You want to DIY so you can cut down on upfront costs and have full control of your site (even if you plan to hire a team in the future to take things over as your business grows).
  • You are ready and committed to taking action on everything you need to do for your business website, you just need the road map and guidance to get there.
  • You are open to taking suggestions, learning the necessary technology (even though it seems scary, it doesn’t have to be – I make it as easy as possible), and learning new strategies to help create, design and use your business website.
  • You are a fun, spiritual, positive, conscious person looking to learn from, share with and connect with other like-minded people.

This is NOT for you if:

  • You would just rather have someone else do everything for you.
  • You are not willing to learn and adjust to the intricacies of technology (no matter how easy I make it for you, technology is fickle and ever changing, you must be ok with this).
  • You would rather build your site on Wix, Squarespace, Weebly, etc. I only teach WordPress. It’s the most beneficial option for your business website that allows you to have total ownership of your site and gives you the ultimate flexibility to create your site as your business grows, expands and evolves.
  • You want extensive training on Mailchimp or other similar email marketing programs. I only teach Aweber. It’s definitely an upgrade from Mailchimp (and others) as far as flexibility and features, without having to expensively invest in programs like Infusionsoft or Ontraport before it’s necessary. I can still help you create, design and use your site if you use other email programs, but you won’t find extensive training on them in this program.
  • You’ve already started working with WordPress and you’re married to your current theme. I only teach Divi. It’s the best option to have the ultimate flexibility, easily create impressive design with a drag and drop page builder, and represent your business with a quality, professional and attractive site even if you’re a beginner.


“Your videos have made this all extremely easy for me and saved me tons of time trying to figure this out for myself!

Mary Toolan
Success Coach to Brilliant Creative Minds

In this e-course you get to benefit from my years of experience where I have created, designed and managed numerous business websites, as well as helped to build and run several Passionpreneur online businesses as a former Techie VA and Web Designer.

Since 2012 I’ve had the pleasure of working with multiple Passionpreneurs helping to build and run their online businesses from behind the scenes.

Now, I’ll teach you everything I know to empower you to create and run your own business website.

I’m adamant about teaching how to do things easily and affordably, so you don’t have suffer from overwhelm or break the bank just to get started with your business website.

I also believe it’s important to know how to do things effectively, so you’re actually getting the results you want instead of wasting your time on things that don’t work.

And it’s imperative to do business authentically so that you can truly express who you are in your business without compromising your personality or values.

Why Work With Me

  • Work with someone who is genuinely passionate about YOUR passion and success.
  • Learn from someone who is adamant about making technology easy and affordable.
  • Benefit from my natural ability to see things from the client/customer/visitor perspective.

Why I Do This

I’m passionate about people SHOWING UP in the world to do what they were meant to do and live the lives they were meant to live. For many of us, this includes online business and Passionpreneurship.

The technical and strategic aspects of these ventures should NOT hold us back from making a difference and achieving greatness.

This is why I’m also passionate about MAKING TECHNOLOGY DOABLE, so that we can remove the blocks that may be holding you back from doing your important work in the world.

I created this e-course for this very reason, to make things as achievable as possible for all those who really want it and are willing to do what it takes to get it.

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Tandee Salter
Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

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